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Tenant Improvement Solutions

Wilson DeLang excels in delivering top-notch tenant improvement solutions. Whether you’re looking to transform existing spaces for optimal functionality, incorporate modern design elements, or integrate cutting-edge technology, our team is ready to elevate your space to new heights. Trust us to navigate the complexities of tenant improvements with precision, ensuring solutions that will surpass your expectations.


Decommissions Made Simple

We take pride in effortlessly executing decommission projects, leveraging our trusted partnerships with several leading financial institutions. Beyond providing exceptional construction services, we are experienced in navigating the distinctive security measures that these projects require. Choose Wilson DeLang for your next decommission with confidence, knowing that our team is committed to preserving the integrity of your institution's confidential data.


ADA Upgrades with Precision

The Wilson DeLang team is adept at managing significant ADA upgrades for bustling retail locations, while facing challenges such as ongoing traffic. Through thoughtful planning and skillful execution, we ensure that daily business operations continue seamlessly with minimal disruption.


Repairs Made to Last

In need of urgent repairs? Wilson DeLang can provide you with swift solutions. Recognizing the urgency that repairs often demand, we prioritize timely and efficient service delivery. Whether interior or exterior, our dedicated team is ready to respond promptly, ensuring your issues are handled with speed and expertise. Count on us for timely and effective solutions to restore and enhance your spaces.

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New Construction Expertise

Count on Wilson DeLang to build your upcoming project from inception to completion. Our seasoned personnel excel in overseeing comprehensive pre-construction services, including effective coordination with governmental agencies and public utilities, laying the groundwork for a successful and smooth project initiation. Your vision is our commitment, and we’d be honored to bring it to life.


Exterior Renovations

Whether you are facing the aftermath of weather-related damage, or are in need of enhancements to boost curb appeal, Wilson DeLang delivers timely results that will stand the test of time. Recognizing the urgency associated with external projects, we prioritize quick and effective service, ensuring that your business’s exterior is restored expeditiously.

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Structural Enhancements

Rely on Wilson DeLang as your trusted general contractor for seamless structural enhancement projects. Our expert team specializes in overseeing efficient modifications, ensuring structural upgrades to fortify your establishment. Count on us for comprehensive project management, prioritizing safety and structural integrity throughout the process.


Other Services

Our expertise doesn’t stop there! Contact us for more information about how our team can add value to your next project.

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