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Meet Our Team



Stuart has over thirty years of global construction experience in a variety of market sectors. His extensive journey in the industry reflects a wealth of knowledge and an unmatched ability to provide solutions for clients’ construction or design needs. In addition to guiding projects across our firm’s portfolio, Stuart is committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, respect, and integrity. His leadership style is characterized by a genuine passion for what he does, driving the team at Wilson DeLang to aim beyond the status quo. Under his direction, Wilson DeLang continues to thrive, delivering superior results in the commercial construction landscape.

Senior Project Manager


With over twenty years in commercial construction, Bryan serves as a mentor to many within our firm and is a driving force behind our success. From ground-up projects to tenant improvements, Bryan leverages his versatility to assist clients in transforming their vision into reality. In addition to his technical talents, he excels as a communicator and team player. He consistently facilitates communication across project stakeholders, fostering a positive and collaborative environment for all. His comprehensive oversight of project details ensures that each phase of a project is executed without delay, and his clients are kept well-informed.

Business Development Manager


With experience in managing capital planning and project management teams, Alex provides strategic direction for our growing team. He maintains highly diverse portfolio overseeing projects both large and small-scale, demonstrating his vast range of competencies. Alex is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and is also LEED AP certified. He employs a sustainability-focused approach to project management, often making recommendations that align with environmental design best practices. With over ten years of experience as a commercial general contractor and more than sixteen years in various related roles, Alex is a valuable asset to our team.

Senior Project Manager


Josh oversees general building and construction management for a range of diverse project types. With extensive experience in administrative and retail projects across several states, he manages everything from straightforward installations to complex interior build-outs. Josh has nearly twenty years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, making him a highly knowledgeable member of our team. His methodical approach to project management allows him to lead multiple teams concurrently, keep projects on-schedule, and produce work of the highest caliber.

Senior Project Manager


Bringing over twenty years of industry experience to our team, Cory is a seasoned professional with a range of skillsets spanning many disciplines. As a hands-on project manager, he ensures project success from start to finish by actively overseeing every detail and fostering a culture of accountability. His portfolio showcases a range of accomplishments, including the successful supervision of large decommissions, ground-ups, and tenant improvement projects. With his knowledge and skillset, Cory is equipped to navigate any facet of a project.

Project Manager


Katja’s twenty-year career in commercial construction is marked by her experience managing an array of project types. Her versatility allows her to manage tenant improvement projects, ADA upgrades, decommissions, relocations, and other renovations with ease. Katja's meticulous project management approach, coupled with her curious nature, guarantees on-budget and on-time completion of every phase.

Project Manager


An indispensable member of our team, Brenda assumes a pivotal role in virtually every project undertaken by our firm. Bringing over a decade of industry expertise, she brings a wealth of experience to guarantee the seamless operation of projects. From addressing pre-construction needs to overseeing post-construction closeout procedures, Brenda is unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring that our firm adheres to schedule requirements, complies with local and state regulations, and meticulously reviews outcomes for quality assurance.

Project Engineer


Patrick began his career with the firm dedicating his first three years as an assistant field supervisor. This position provided him with a strong foundation for his current role as Project Engineer. He plays a critical role at Wilson DeLang, contributing to project schedules and phasing plans, closely communicating with subcontractors and superintendents, and lending his expertise where needed. Patrick’s hands-on experience and his growing understanding of project dynamics makes him an integral asset to our team.

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